Severe Diaper Rash Treatment (from a mom whose tried it all!)

A stubborn diaper rash on your poor babes bottom is just awful! What's even worse is when it.. will…not... go... away!!


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severe diaper rash treatment

I tried all of the normal diaper rash creams, and none of them worked this go around for us. Normal creams like Desitin work wonderfully for mild rashes, but this was no mild rash!

We went to the extent of ordering a cream from Germany that my grandmother use to swear by! It is a WONDERUL cream, and works VERY well.. but this rash was not your typical rash, therefore it did not fully heal our girl up. 

**Remember to always consult your pediatrician if a rash persists more than a few days**

She began to get itchy and uncomfortable and we all just about had enough! 

The key to a mild diaper rash treatment is a high zinc oxide percentage. The key to a stubborn rash that gets raw, and itchy, and extra red is an anti fungal cream!

Yep! Sometimes these rashes can become a fungus, and at that point normal diaper rash cream is just a waste!

An over the counter anti fungal cream like clotrimazole worked wonders for us! 

We applied a small amount directly to the skin on her bottom, and added Desitin (max strength has the highest zinc oxide, aka purple bottle) on top the anti fungal cream, and taa-daa!

Rash gone :)

I SO hope this helps you, like it did for us!

With warm mama hugs,