An Open Letter to Overweight America

I have found lately that I come up with the best blog topics when I'm rocking my baby to sleep at night. Maybe it's because I'm at complete peace with my little babe in my arms. Or maybe it's to get my mind off the fact that I've had to use the bathroom for 30 minutes now, and my arm is falling asleep. Who knows. 

What I do know (and some of you who know me on a personal level also know) that I have a weird anxiety issue with death. It started when my friend passed away a couple of years ago. So every night, before bed, and most recently during my rocking chair time with my baby, I pray. I pray for so many different various things, and one of those things is the health of my friends and my family. I literally start to list off their names, and sometimes think OMG WHAT IF I FORGET SOMEONE??? and then remember that If they're in my heart, God knows I'm praying for them too.

What does this have to do with Overweight America? 


I hate the word 'obesity' because I feel that it's so harsh and if you're apart of Obese America you feel like you are approximately 1 million pounds, and it just doesn't feel good. I understand Obesity is the reality of the situation, but it's still harsh. And if you're overweight, and have visited a doctor's office like, ever -  chances are they give you harsh realities about obesity all the time. This letter is a change from that information, but also equally important to know. 

Have you ever tried to talk to an overweight family member or friend about their weight and health? If so, then you know how absolutely hard and uncomfortable it is for all parties involved.

In fact, it is so uncomfortable, that I was on the fence about this post, because I am terrified that every single person I know that is overweight is going to come yelling at me for even writing it because they could possibly feel like it's aimed at them.

Well, it is aimed at you, and sometimes things that need to be said are uncomfortable, but that is also what makes them beautiful. The point of an open letter, such as this, is that it isn't aimed at any one single person.

SO if you're reading this, and you're overweight, or have been diagnosed with obesity, here are some things your family and friends want you to know - truly from the bottom of our hearts.


You are beautiful.

So important. You are beautiful - absolutely gorgeous, in fact. Your beauty is not only within. Every crevice that God hand crafted of yours, is so so beautiful. Just like your soul, and your heart. Your weight does not change the fact that you are beautiful inside and out. And it never ever will. Do not look at yourself as less beautiful, because you are overweight right now. Stop putting yourself down.


Your loved ones do not see your weight.

When we look at our family, and our friends, we do not see fat, or an excess in weight. I see the amazing person who I love to spend time with. I see the person who talked me through rough breakups. I see the person who held my hand at my friends funeral. I see the person that I laugh with on the couch on Friday nights. It is so hard for me to tell my loved ones "Yes you have gained weight." because it is so so hard for me to see. But the scale speaks numbers, and sometimes those numbers are scary for us, too. So do not get offended, or hurt, when we talk to you about those numbers.


We want to help.

In absolutely any way possible. I will help you meal prep, and I will pay for a gym membership (which is huge, because I'm such a cheap-o). We do not want to see our loved ones go down a path that ends in cardiac arrest. We do not want to watch as our loved ones leave this Earth far too soon. Let us help. Obesity is a disorder, and you need a support system to overcome something like that. Let us struggle with you, just like we would for cancer. 


and lastly but most important -



There is nothing you can say or do, or any amount of weight that you can gain, that will make us love you any less. You are our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, best friends, and soul mates. You being here is part of what makes our lives whole. You are apart of something much much bigger than yourself, and we know that you can overcome your weight challenges. We believe in you, and will never ever stop loving you, especially not because of your weight. 

Please understand that every unpleasant talk or uncomfortable mention about your health is nothing but love. Nothing but concern. Nothing but genuine, heartfelt, curiosity as to what we can do on our part to help your situation.


This is such an uncomfortable situation to talk about, and I'm sure this post will get a minimal amount of views because of that, but I hope that somebody out there takes these words to heart. 


Do you have trouble talking to your friends or family about their health? Share this post, in the hopes that they read it, and understand.