An Update on : The Postpartum Party

postpartum recovery

Hi friends!


The Postpartum party is an ebook specializing in postpartum care and recovery. It covers all bases, INCLUDING how to properly care for a 4th degree tear. 


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The Best 9 Month Old Baby Food Combinations! + FREE grocery list checklist!

9 month old baby foods

Hey friends!

We've officially hit the "I-don't-want-baby-food-I-want-whatever-you-have-mom" stage, and it hit us HARD and OUT OF NOWHERE! 

One day she was obsessed with her baby food, and puffs.. and now she won't even look at them. I know.. crazy! So I was off to the grocery store almost immediately. I ventured down the aisles on the hunt for the best (and safest) foods to give my 9 month old!


*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*


*Please be sure to talk with your pediatrician, before  letting your baby try new foods!*


Here's what a typical day of food looks like for her :


Breakfast : 

 - Hard boiled egg (mashed/cut up)

*She isn't extremely interested in breakfast just yet, so she only eats about 1/4 of the egg as of now. I don't push it, because breastmilk is still her primary source of nutrition.. so if she doesn't finish, I just nurse her a little more. 


Lunch :

- Mandarin orange cup (each individual orange cut in half, or thirds, depending on size)

- Turkey breast (shredded/ cut up into very small pieces)

- Gerber Puffs (she is slow fazing these out - but I still like to add a few to the mix)

*She will eat the entire cup of mandarin oranges. She is OBSESSED with them. I'm always careful with the Turkey breast, to make sure it is cut up properly. She likes feeding herself with her own hands, but will also allow me to jump in and help her out when she needs it!


Dinner :

- Meatball (one full sized, mashed/ cut up)

- Rice or potatoes (small portions at a time)

*Usually, she just eats what we eat. This is just an example, but for the most part, I take whatever we have and cut it into small pieces. Chicken, steak, pork, veggies, potatoes, beans, rice, etc. Small portions at a time, and very easy-to-swallow pieces!

We are still keeping baby food pouches, and cereal snacks on hand, just in case she has some weird regression (babies, am I right?). But for now this is what's working for us! I'm loving not stocking up on baby food as often!

As a side note, we have also started using the Munchkin Latch Transition Cup to introduce water into her diet. She's taken to this cup greatly so far, and I'm pumped to buy more!

There you have it, friends! Make sure to download my FREE grocery list checklist to ensure you don't miss a thing at the grocery store! 


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The ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Guide of 2017 - Ideas for the Whole Family!

The holiday season is upon us, friends! Time to really ROCK this Christmas with the perfect gifts for everybody! I always tell myself (and my family) we are having a low-key Christmas (I really do try) and then I end up going all out! Finding the perfect gift doesn't have to be hard… sometimes we all just need a little bit of motivation! Check these deals out below… and trust me, there's a gift in here for everybody!

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

As a bonus, you can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial, and receive FREE 2 day shipping on all Prime eligible orders! You could even cancel after the holidays, if you wanted to!




I hope you found some great deals today! 



Amazon Affiliate Program Breakthrough (make even more money online!)

Hi friends!

Bear with me here, as I am NOT a blogger who typically blogs, about.. blogging (that whole statement just confuses me, but I'm sure you know what I mean). Therefore, I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

I just wanted to get it all out here, for some people struggling with amazon, and particularly their affiliate program. As most of you know, Amazon is quite particular with their affiliate program, and does have A LOT of rules! I was unaware of this for awhile, and once I was progressively figuring things out, I started to FREAK OUT that I was going to get banned, shutdown, etc. 

SO... anxious ol' me reached out to their support team. I had a nice chat with an associate named James, who was very helpful. 

In the past, there has been a specific set of standards about the affiliate program going around, that you could not use their links on Pinterest. Meaning that, if you wanted to pin something from your affiliate link that lead from Pinterest directly to that Amazon product (where you could make a commission if said item is purchased), you could potentially get in trouble.

Well, I have WONDERFUL and RECENT news….


Here is a quick snap of my email confirmation that I requested from associate support :



and an additional snap shot from our conversation via the chat function on their website :


Don't mind my response question - if you're wondering, that answer is no LOL, but disregard that!


Does this change anything about cookies? For the most part, no. Still just 24 hours unfortunately but here's a snap of my convo with a different associate regarding that as well :


PS - their customer service chat function is AWESOME and QUICK! I couldn't be happier with how easy it was to get answers to questions (that I thought I would have to research for days) in just minutes!

Really, I just plan to share this post with a few blogger friends in various Facebook masterminds I'm in, as well as a couple of group boards I'm in relating to blogging. 

PLEASE feel free to SHARE this info with any blogger you think that could benefit! 

Hope your blogging journey is treating you well!



DIY Cinderella Princess Carriage Stroller Makeover - Halloween, Disney & play time!

She's technically wearing an Elsa dress, but who cares! Princess nonetheless!

I am soooo excited about how this princess stroller makeover came out!

I knew there weren't very many choices for babies first Halloween, since she can't walk yet. So I definitely wanted to decorate the stroller in some way.

I thought I would possibly want to do a wagon at first, but then realized for an 8 month old, it'd be too bumpy, and she's still finding her balance, so the stroller would be best. 

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*


EDIT : We also brought this to Disney World for a fun accessory around the park! :)

Here's the final result :



…. annnnd the brains behind the crafts…..



So let's get down to the juicy stuff now! 

Materials include :

It was sooooo much fun to put together, too!!


First thing you need to do is spray paint the hula hoops and let them dry. I got the cheap hula hoops, tore off the wrapped picture, and then removed the staple at the area of attachment. After that, they easily pull apart, and this ensures that I can get it around the stroller, and through the bottom basket area. I did attach a link for hula hoops, but could not find these exact ones. The link attached is hula hoops that detach, however. 


Here's my attempt at a punny Mickey Mouse (kind of)!

After you spray paint, open the hula hoops up and put them through the stroller. Once they are surrounding the stroller, zip tie them at the top, all together (and tight)!  This is where you will eventually bunch the tulle at the top, and surround with the crown!


Then, you spiral and attach the lights around the hula hoop. Tape them in place, as well. Make sure the battery holder/on-off switch box hangs in the basket area of the stroller.



After the lights are  attached tightly, you can then add the tulle. We cut the (blue) tulle evenly into thirds, and then taped them to the hula hoops. 

**NOTE : We did not wrap ANYTHING (lights, tulle, etc) completely around the hoops. We only wrapped the top 3/4 (that can be seen basically) to cut down on materials and costs! There's not need for lights and tulle, under the stroller, where it can't be seen!**

After the blue tulle is attached to the hoops, you can then lay the white tulle completely over all the hoops (carriage). take the ends of the tulle, and attach/tape them the same way you did the blue tulle. THEN, with the remainder tulle (that should be at the top) bunch it all up and hold it all together with a rubber band, hair tie, zip tie, whatever works or whatever you have available!


Taaa Daaaa!!! There ya have it!

Your own personal Cinderella Princess Carriage Stroller!!!

I hope your Babies First Halloween, and all of your children's Halloweens at that, are awesome!!


Spook ya later ;)

[I'm so lame…]





Large Breed Dog Bed Hack - Making the best dog bed, even better!

As most of you know, our family has a Doberman Pinscher named Ruxin. He was my first baby, and I'm basically obsessed with him. Being 110 pounds, he is the world's best cuddler! BUT the stipulation with that, is that he MUST be in the bed, between your legs, under the covers. I know.. needy! 

Nevertheless, he is still my little angel. But the other person that I share a bed with was NOT happy about this way of sleeping. So, I thought… "there has to be a way to crack this dog!"



The thing about his dog bed, is that he actually loves it. SO NATURALLY, he ruined it the first 5 minutes it was in our home. Since then, I've bought countless expensive beds and he only wants the best dog bed that we've been able to find. 


We finally have an infant with wonderful sleep patterns, and what happens? Ruxin keeps me up all night - go figure!

He paces.. he cries.. he paws at my face.. anything for me to give into the inevitable 3 AM cuddle session he so desperately longs for. (Ugh I just love him)


I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before… face palm! 

dog bed


I've put flat sheets, queen sheets, twin sheets, etc. on his bed before because I KNOW he loves sleeping one top of a sheet (hence why he's ALWAYS in our bed). But they would always fall off before he could even get comfortable! The bottom line was, there were no sheets that had the right snug fit for him, to move around in bed, and remain comfortable on top of his sheet. 

Until now.

Here's a shot of my little (big) guy, in all his glory, in his new crib-sheet-ed bed ;) 

dog bed

He's a happy little guy, and so is my other half! 

Although I can't promise this will keep him out of my bed forever (maybe because I am obsessed with him and cuddling) BUT he actually enjoys sleeping in his bed now, too! 

Momma made the best dog bed, even better!

Win, win!

Does your dog have trouble sleeping in their own bed? What have you tried, if anything, to fix it?


Until next time!




Anxious Moms & Why We Can't Watch the News.

What has happened in Vegas this past weekend is so so extremely heartbreaking. 

I wish I wasn't using that sentence so often in today's world, but it seems every other week something else is "so extremely heartbreaking".  

How do we progress? How do we move on? How do we send our children out into this world? It's a hard pill to swallow. Being a mom already comes with so. many. anxieties. With that being said :

I am an anxious mom. There's no getting around it, and trust me, I have tried. 

Shit, I was anxious before I was a mom! (oops, can I say that on a mom blog?)

Although I cannot even express how sad I am for those innocent lives that were taken, and for all of their families affected, I can express this : I hate the news.

I hate it. And not because of political aspects, or this news source is fake, and this news source is reliable. None of that. I hate all of them. Here's the question I constantly ask myself. Was the world always this corrupt? I'm unsure. I think due to there being a platform to broadcast on, we see these things happening more often than not. This absolutely does not change how sick, terrible, and awful all of these occurrences were, and are. 

But here's where I become a terribly "uninformed" person. I can't watch the news.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I can't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. And it's okay if you can't, either. Every time I walk into my parents, or my in-laws, or my friends houses - the news is always on. I almost always beg to watch something different. I cannot sit in front of a television screen, and just listen to how undoubtably terrible our world is…. on repeat. Because that's what the news does - rolls things over and over and over again. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad. Some of it is beautiful! But for me, the good does not outweigh the bad, and I just can't handle it. I don't know how people can sit, and watch the same news story of 400 people injured, and 50+ dead, over and over and over again. What does it do for you? I understand being informed, and knowing what's out there is important, but we are in the age of social media and news notifications and news apps, etc. Take advantage of that people!

Here is my message to you :

Nobody gets out alive. All of us are going to die, when it is our time to die. And as scary of a thought that is, it is ultimately the truth. Don't sit on your couch and dwell on the insanity around the world. Instead, LIVE. Get out of your house. Take a walk. LAUGH. Do something kind for somebody else. The world continues to spin, and it is our job to ensure that it spins in the right direction. Meaning that, what you put into the world, is what you get out of it. Put good in. Choose to be loving and caring. And then, pray. Pray for the people involved, the corrupt world we live in, and all things involved. Pray that some how, some way, we find a solution and finally learn to live in peace and harmony. Hand your problems over, and ease your anxieties. 

So, leave the TV. Let's face it, you're going to see it all over Facebook anyways. Get out there, and show the world that for as much hate and disgust, that there is far more love. 



Until next time,




HURRICANE HACKS - Be Prepared for the Worst!

Born and raised in South FL I have seen my fair share of storms. We have been pretty lucky as a family to bypass a lot of them. As a Floridian, it's basically our nature to "wait it out" and not freak out until last minute. It is what it is, people! We know the repercussions of our actions! Now that we have a baby, seeing that a category 4/5 hurricane is heading our way is a little more terrifying. As of now, we don't even know our plan - but I know we are getting prepared.

**The best way to stay safe from a hurricane or natural disaster is to get out. Take time to plan, and DO NOT leave last minute. Fun Fact :One of the safest places from natural disaster in the world is Oregon.. Go there ;)**
Hurricane Preparedness


The Normal Stuff

I'm not going too far into depth with this, because this is the normal stuff that all the news channels are probably telling you every 5 minutes. Here's the list :

  • Water (1 case [24] per person per day is the rule of thumb)
  • Batteries (AAA for the small flashlights usually, D for the larger flashlights)
  • Flashlights 
  • Non perishable foods / food that can be kept in a cooler with ice easily
  • Ice (day before, kept in freezer until needed, or day of)
  • Important documents (License, social security card, birth certificates)

For Kids :

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Baby food
  • Distractions/toys
  • Formula / bottles 

That's just the basics, but let's think outside of the box a little bit!


We usually get ice the day of, honestly. I know, not the best plan. But surprisingly last year day of, their was plenty of ice to go around at our local twice the ice/ ice machine. We just had to bring our own cooler, and fill it. Now - if this is not an option, or you want to get ahead of the game, start freezing cubes in multiple trays at a time, putting them in sandwich bags, and squeezing them in various places in your freezer until needed.

If you are leaving, definitely do not go grocery shopping this week. Try emptying out your fridge the night before/morning that trash is supposed to come before the storm. Then, put all of your food in an iced cooler. Depending on your car situation, bring the food with you or keep it at a friends house who is staying. If you don't, then there's no point to this method bc all of the ice is going to melt and the food will go bad, anyways. I would suggest bringing the cooler with you, and putting it in a fridge ASAP wherever you are evacuating to.

If you are staying, try squeezing ice wherever you can in your freezer, and having a cooler on standby. Still go through your fridge and freezer the last trash day before the storm. You may not lose power at all, who knows. So if you are staying, keep everything in the fridge, easily accessible, and if the power goes out, quickly put everything in the cooler, throw the ice in there, and hope that your power will be on soon. (FPL is usually the bomb dot com at this - we love our linemen!) If not, then when it is safe, try to go out asap and get ice. Continuously do this until the power is back on, or you somehow find access to a generator. If it gets so bad that there's crazy flooding and a state of emergency and you have no roof, then screw the food obviously. Get out of there!



If you have animals PLEASE PREPARE FOR THEM. I am a dog mom, and am thoroughly preparing for this, and if we evacuate we are taking our sweet boy with us FOR SURE. 

Here are a few things you can do to cut back on costs, and also take care of your pets.

Fill old water bottle, jugs, or even Tupperware with tap water. Keep it in the fridge until hurricane time, or freeze it, or keep it wherever you freaking can. Just do it. This ensures that they are not taking from your water stock pile. If you keep enough aside, you can even use this water for cleaning yourself, washing hands, etc. If you're really terrified, and think you're screwed - fill your tub up before you lose power.

Stock up on various essential pet items such as their food. Also, make sure you have tags on them with your contact info, in case they get out or somehow get lost during the storm!



If you are evacuating, bring all portable electronics with you. iPads, laptops, phones, and chargers for them all. I know I can't afford a brand new MacBook Pro or iPhone! 


Everybody always checks the basic places for propane, and they usually run out the first word of a storm coming your way. Almost immediately. Check around town for local feed stores, and RV camps. We got propane last year DAY OF at an RV camp in town. Nobody ever checks those kind of places for whatever reason, first thought is publix, Walmart, etc. If those places are out, try these! Google is your friend! Google local RV camps and feed stores! I'm almost positive there is one nearby you. 


Our essentials are probably a little different from people who are active campers, etc. We don't have a grill at this time, so we stocked up on easy cooler foods, and snacks. This is what we bought :

  • Peanut butter & jelly
  • Bread
  • Lunchmeat
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Trail Mix
  • Chips
  • Bean dip
  • Bananas 
  • Oranges



Don't have a flashlight? We are SO terrible about this. We have about 3 mini flashlights that put off pretty much no light, and that's it. We do, have a ton of candles but UGH those make things so hot! If you can somehow hunt down one small flashlight, and a jug of water, lean the light facing the jug, for maximum illumination. Or strap it, or put it on top. You get the idea. 



Doing this with a kid is extremely stressful, so we are really stocking up on her necessities, especially. We have a box of 148 diapers right now, a huge box of wipes, and a ton of baby food. We bought the baby food POUCHES because they are resealable (um awesome) and compact, so they can easily be thrown into the cooler. 

If there is a mandatory evacuation, take it seriously!! Do not mess around. If you are unsure of the powers of a hurricane and its' different categories, here is a (scary) reminder. 

Stay informed. Stay safe. Get prepared!




Houston, we have a problem

Punny titles are my favorite, but let's drop the jokes now, because this is serious. 

*Disclosure : this is a long one; If anything, skip to the bottom where I mention resources where you can help Texas!*

Photo courtesy of Richard Carson,   CNBC

Photo courtesy of Richard Carson, CNBC


What's happening in Texas, Houston especially, is devastating.

There is no other description for it; Except - horrible, awful, disgusting, sad, and lastly, beautiful. One of my friends reached out to me yesterday in hopes that I would help her get some things together to send to Houston and at first I was iffy.

I am the worst kind of person sometimes, in the sense that I ignore what's going on mainstream. I have a huge belief that social media has shaped our communities, our country, our world, into just a giant mess.  I understand what's going on in Houston has nothing to do with social media. Where I'm going with this all is, I don't watch the news. Point blank period, ever. Not because I don't believe what they are broadcasting is untrue, (although you can never be too sure) but because I don't want to spend my life curled up in the fetal position, depressed, because the world is terrifying and disturbing. I understand this is unrealistic, and probably not my greatest trait. I understand I should be aware of my surroundings, and what's going on in the world. 

If you live, or have ever lived, an anxious lifestyle I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. My mental capacity just cannot take on the load of the world, and I'm sorry for that.

Back to Houston - how does this all relate? I was iffy to give my friend things. Isn't that terrible? There's a state of emergency in another part of our country and I found myself ESPECIALLY avoiding the news and internet because of it. I found myself ignoring what was going on.

How awful am I?

But then something sparked in me, and slapped me around a little bit. What is wrong with me ???!!!!!!! Why am I just laying in bed, in the comfort of my own un-flooded home, while my baby is an hour into her peaceful nap? I was almost annoyed when Kaitlin texted me asking for stuff, like wow what is my issue!? So I changed my entire thought process from that second on. I jumped up, grabbed my phone, and got to couponing. 

I thought to myself, even if I only spend $20 and clean out my pantry, that could be the difference in somebody's day in Texas right now. So I did just that. I texted my friend, Capri, and asked her if she wanted to tag along with me and the babe for an action packed couponing adventure! (You have to make the boring things sound fun when you're a mom) 

I have to give credit, where credit is due, to The Krazy Coupon Lady. Her app was a huge help to quickly, and efficiently, get the most for my money. I am frugal as heck, and I don't spend a penny without checking this app first. She is not paying me to say this, and I'm not apart of any affiliate programs for her - I just feel this passionately about her app.

So I pulled out my app, and searched for the best deals at Walgreens, Publix, and Target. I was on the hunt specifically for things I did not have to print, and did not have to have newspaper clippings for. Which means I only used the Walgreens app, the Publix digital coupons app, and the Cartwheel by Target app. (Of course I also used my shopkick, and ibotta apps, to maximize savings - you can read more about those here) But the point is that, this was an easy task for people who are not familiar with couponing at all, and anybody can get out and do this, too. 

Between Capri, and I, we spent a total of $30 and this is what we got.

  • (3) boxes of Chewy granola bars

  • (1) box of Puffs tissues

  • (2) Boxes of Annie's fruit wands

  • (2) boxes of Honey Graham Oh's cereal

  • (1) Oxiclean laundry detergent 

  • (2) Palmolive dish soaps

  • (1) can of Sparkling lemonade (I know, random - but it was free, so why not)

  • (11) Candy bars (there were 12 but we shared one for fuel, oops)

  • 1() 6 pack of Cottonelle MegaRolls

  • (1) 16 roll pack Charmim Essentials bath tissue

houston donations

Our original total for all of those things was about $67 after tax.

We spent a total of about $30 after tax out of pocket. And I didn't print one coupon. Or clip anything from a newspaper. I just clicked a couple of buttons on some apps. That's it. 

The total haul (so far) after cleaning out the nursery, and our pantry, looks something like this :

Don't mind my bare feet, and laid back outfit - #MomLife

Don't mind my bare feet, and laid back outfit - #MomLife

.... and growing! I keep adding things throughout the day, and I'm sure I'll do another coupon haul before the truck leaves on Friday.

The moral of story here people, is DO SOMETHING!!



Here are some places that you can help if you don't even want to leave your bed.

  • GlobalGiving Foundation - Goal to raise $2 Million, money will go to food, water, shelter, & long-term recovery.
  • GoFundMe - I know you all are familiar with this one, but this particular landing page goes to multiple different campaigns related to and involved with Hurricane Harvey relief.
  • The Salvation Army - This one is important to me, as the significant other of a first responder. They are working on providing water and food to all of the first responders.
  • Austin Pets Alive! - My personal fav! One of my best friends works here (Hi, Em!), so I know it's an amazing shelter & company, and she's super passionate about it, so that makes me that much more passionate about it as well. They are in need of donations and supplies, as they have taken on hundreds of animals. 
  • If you are local to the Treasure Coast of Florida, private message me, or email me, and I will be happy to help you arrange a pick up, or drop off scenario. 
  • Nothing like sending a ton of love, positive vibes, prayers, whatever it is you believe in to our friends and families in Texas! This is free! There's no reason you shouldn't already be doing this!

These are just a FEW of the ways you can help. There are a million more resources and here is another link to NPR listing a TON of other disaster relief resources as well.

If you remember, (I know, there was a lot in this post) at the beginning of this post my last description of what's going on in Texas was 'beautiful'. I think watching our community come together, despite race, religion, ethnicity, financial status, etc. is beautiful. I think watching people all over the world contribute to this cause in any way they can, is amazing. In a time where social media makes it seem like we are all on opposite teams, fighting against each other - choose to see this beauty instead. Choose to see the good in the world, and choose to ignore the hate. In times of trouble, our country unites. Right now, nobody cares what the color of your skin is, or who you voted for. We care about getting our people to safety, and higher ground, and pulling through this. We are the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, and we as a country, have to be the change that we wish to see in the world. 

I'd like to end this post quoting one of my dear friends, Dana. 

"Do not forget how EASILY this could be us. We are undoubtedly blessed, and every little bit helps." 

Mother Nature could have chosen any of our homes. Count your blessing. 


Until next time, friends.




Sleep Training 101; 4-6 Months

Hey friends! If you're curious on sleep training methods from 0-3 months click here to read up on that! 

As for us, we have progressed! We hit the 6 month mark this week so I guess I'm writing this a couple of days early but OH WELL

These couple of months were rough. Right when you think you're getting to know your baby, and their exact next move - BAM they change. Seriously. They change all the freaking time and they don't do it on purpose but DAMN I need a break! (excuse my language? Is damn bad? idk????? help??) ANYWAYS We have prevailed friends! And we made it through another sleep deprived couple of months! I keep telling myself dang I can't wait for our next baby (yes I can) because I feel like I'm going to be totally prepared with my online journal aka my blog. (I know this is unrealistic haha - let me dream okay!)

I had a sleep training epiphany though, last week. I realized that at different points of her life, different sleep training methods work...... differently.

Who woulda thunk it?

SOOOOOOO the first 3 months of her life we were ALL about swaddling, and it totally worked for us! But now that she has a better grasp on rolling over, it's not in our routine any long. Ttem permanence & cry it out totally did the trick for us from 3-4 months, but it just hasn't been working for us as well lately. So last week, when I was convinced I would never sleep again, I did some research.

At 3 AM. My favorite time at night if y'all didn't already know. 

I basically found that at this point in her life, a similar but totally different (are you still following?) method is working for her. I'm definitely not opposed to doing crying it out again at a different point of her life, but right now this other method is working best for us.

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

sleep training your baby

Basically, our nightly routine (and nap time routine - consistency is key, besides bath time, of course) goes something like this :

7 PM Bath time

I try to make sure I don't do bath time any earlier, because then it throws off her entire routine. So we do bath time, which honestly takes us a solid 10 minutes, because who knew bathing a small human was super quick, Less surface to cover I suppose! After bath time, we do our normal baby lotion massage, and sometimes read a bedtime story depending if she's really fussy or not. She is different every single day, but also the same. I know, I sound insane. 

Jammie switch up!

If you read my last sleep training post, we weren't dressing her in those warm footie pajamas everybody swears by, because she was swaddled and we didn't want her to overheat! Well you guessed it! We are now in the footie pajama stage. I still stick to my word on 0-3 months about not doing it, but like I said before - she changes constantly! Since we are no longer swaddling, we have now switched to those warm and fuzzy footie pajamas! Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they keep my girl nice and warm at night (since we are not letting her sleep with blankets because of the risk it raises for suffocation and SIDS). 


For us anyways. If you're formula feeding, this is where your bedtime (or nap time) bottle would come in. So we sit in our rocking chair, while I nurse. I usually turn her bedroom light off and nurse in the dark to set the calm atmosphere vibes. 

Independent crib time

I used to be pretty huge on rocking her to sleep, and then putting her in her crib and tip toeing to sleep, but more often than not she would wake before I could even leave the room. I thought she was regressing or maybe her "startle reflex" wasn't quite gone yet. Turns out, she just wanted to self soothe and be left alone. Since she can now understand item permanence and knows when I am no longer there, I talk to her. I know she doesn't understand exactly what I'm saying with my words, but she can sense my emotions and the different tones in my voice. So I coo at her, and turn her mobile on, and she smiles and coos back. Then I tell her that I'll be back to check on her soon. I quietly escape to our room, and watch her on the baby monitor. She continues to coo and play with her pacifier, as well as puts the pacifier in her mouth on her own when she wants to. Most nights, I go in her room about 3 times, just to let her know I am there and I am checking up on her. Then I tell her again each time that I will be right back in a calm happy manner. Make sure you are taking lots of deep breaths - even if this takes forever! Remaining calm is huge! 

Now, that being said - she does have bad nights when we try to do this. Where I leave the room, and she screams at the top of her lungs. In this case, I kind of let her cry it out. BUT by cry it out, I mean I let her cry and when she stops for a moment, I rush right in. I am trying to basically "reward" her for not crying. Does that sound terrible? I feel like it does - but it really works! These nights are far and few between and I feel like it's because she knows that if she doesn't cry and scream that I will be more likely to come in. Maybe I'm crazy who knows. But it's working. And usually, after about 3 times in and out of her room, she falls asleep on her own. I mean out of nowhere passes out, and doesn't wake up for 3 - 4 hours. (she still eats a lot throughout the night - we are working on that!) When she does wake up, I nurse her, she passes out, I put her down, and that's all.

Now, if you're just tip-toeing into crib transitioning, I suggest doing the 3-5-7-10 minute method. Put the baby down in their crib, leave for 3 minutes. Go back, soothe them, lay them down, repeat, but this time for 5 minutes. Then 7, and finally 10 minutes. The hope is that after that 10 minute mark they will be asleep! 

Remember that attitude is everything!

If you remain calm, and tell yourself this is something you can do - then you totally can do it! Babies can 100% sense our anxieties & our stress, so once we calm down, they tend to as well!

Back to bed for mama.  AHHHHHHHH


Final thoughts


  • Reward not crying
  • Dress in warm footie pajamas
  • Self soothing in the crib


    This is what's working for us right now, but I'm sure it will change for 7-10 months!


    Happy sleeping!