Mustela for Baby Acne

How do you use Mustela to treat Baby Acne?

Baby acne stinks, but is easily treated!

 It makes sensitive baby skin, dry, red, and bumpy! Mustela is the one baby acne treatment I found, that works the quickest and BEST! It is applied to their skin as a topical treatment, and cures their baby acne almost instantly!

  1. Apply once per day after bath time

  2. Rub it on your babies dry cheeks/face until it creates suds

  3. . Wipe off with clean dry cloth

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This stuff is honestly like GOLD!

I applied it once a day after bath time for two days.. LITERALLY TWO APPLICATIONS. And her acne was gone!

Like I said, after bath time.. I would take a little bit on my finger, rub it on her dry cheeks until it created suds - similar to suds that would be made by soap. Then I wiped it clean with a dry cloth.

Honestly not even sure of the legit instructions because the sample size didn't have any, but what I did worked! I was over the moon!

Seriously guys, this stuff works for everything! We use it for so many different types of skin irritations, etc. 

She began to develop some cradle cap around her ears as well, and I did the same steps for that, and again! Gone!

Hope this works for you!



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mustela for baby acne