10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2 year old toddlers (that they'll actually love & use!)

As a fellow mom of a 2 year old toddler, I think stocking stuffers are so fun for them! The mini sized gifts that they’re able to open themselves, brings them so much joy! To help you get ready for the coming season, i’ve prepared a list of 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2 year Old Toddlers to give them that extra special joy this holiday season!

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1.Bubbles Square - Buckle Toy

My 2 year old LOVES buckling anything she can - from her car seat, to the grocery cart strap, she’s obsessed! This Buckle Toy - Bubbles Square will be sure to keep your toddler entertained for hours!

2. Squirting Bath toys

Every kid loves bath toys, for a pretty long time! My toddler still plays in the bath with these guys! A package of Squirting Bath Toys will get them super excited about post Christmas bath time.

3. My First Fidget Cube

In the era of fidget spinners, it only make sense that we start to prepare our toddlers for the trends, right? Kidding! Regardless, your little will love this Fidget Cube, and all the different nooks and crannies!

4. Giraffe Tumbler Toy

Music, and animals, and rolling, oh my! This Giraffe Tumbler Toy has lights and music, and some educational qualities, such as counting from 1-10. It’s a great toy to roll around after Saint Nick visits your home.

5. How to Catch an Elf

A cute Christmas book is always on the roster. This could be a Christmas Ever gift. One o my favorite traditions is opening ONE present on Christmas Eve, and something like How to Catch an Elf would be perfect!

6. Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets

We love Melissa & Doug! Their toys are always so well made, and the Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets are a perfect gift for a learning toddlers! Our toddler is obsessed with fridge magnets and the alphabet, so this is 100% on our list of goodies.

7. Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

SENSORY TOYS!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!! And building fine motor skills? Okay, i’m sold. This Fine Motor Tool Set is checking all the boxes.

8. Sensory Discovery and Play Sensory Ball

Again, with the sensory toys. After my own heart! The Sensory Discovery and Play Sensory Ball is a practical gift, that they will use and love and stay busy with. While I love playing with my toddler, I also love when her brain is at work, and she is figuring it all out!

9. Chat and Count Emoji Phone

Fake phones are awesome for kids, but it' can’t be just ANY fake phone. It has to kind of look like moms, to pass my toddlers standards. The Chat and Count Emoji Phone checks all those boxes for us.

10. Classic Tin Klaeidoscope

How fun! Remember how amazed you were looking into a kaleidoscope as a kid? I sure do! The Classic Tin Klaeidoscope definitely will fit in as stocking perfectly AND will amaze your little!

I hope this list helped you get prepared and ahead of the game this Christmas! Tell me in the comments how much your little ones loved their stocking stuffers!



10 stocking stuffer ideas for 2 year old toddlers that they’ll actually love & use