Severe Diaper Rash Treatment (from a mom whose tried it all!)

A stubborn diaper rash on your poor babes bottom is just awful! What's even worse is when it.. will…not... go... away!!


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severe diaper rash treatment

I tried all of the normal diaper rash creams, and none of them worked this go around for us. Normal creams like Desitin work wonderfully for mild rashes, but this was no mild rash!

We went to the extent of ordering a cream from Germany that my grandmother use to swear by! It is a WONDERUL cream, and works VERY well.. but this rash was not your typical rash, therefore it did not fully heal our girl up. 

**Remember to always consult your pediatrician if a rash persists more than a few days**

She began to get itchy and uncomfortable and we all just about had enough! 

The key to a mild diaper rash treatment is a high zinc oxide percentage. The key to a stubborn rash that gets raw, and itchy, and extra red is an anti fungal cream!

Yep! Sometimes these rashes can become a fungus, and at that point normal diaper rash cream is just a waste!

An over the counter anti fungal cream like clotrimazole worked wonders for us! 

We applied a small amount directly to the skin on her bottom, and added Desitin (max strength has the highest zinc oxide, aka purple bottle) on top the anti fungal cream, and taa-daa!

Rash gone :)

I SO hope this helps you, like it did for us!

With warm mama hugs,



How to Not Wear Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

You're pregnant, and starting to show. Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "how can I avoid buying maternity clothes, OR find maternity clothes that don't LOOK like maternity clothes"?

I have a solution to your maternity style & pregnancy outfit struggles! And the best part? It's inexpensive, and means that you don't have to buy maternity clothes! *Queue, happy dance*

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

How to not wear maternity clothes while pregnant

How to not wear maternity clothes while pregnant

Being pregnant is financially stressful enough! When I was pregnant, I was on a mission to avoid buying maternity clothes - and it was MISSION : ACCOMPLISHED!

If you're interested in inexpensive maternity clothes, here's a start. Use the code "MMM100" to get a free maternity band. This is how you wear regular pants during pregnancy, for as long as possible!

The band goes over pants button area, and turns virtually any pair of pants or shorts, etc. into pregnant friendly fashion. Talk about DIY maternity clothes!

Another way to not wear maternity clothes, is buy regular shirts and tank tops a size or two up! Your bump grows so quickly, and you can even grow out of multiple size maternity clothes!

I went to my local supermarket/discount store (Target, Walmart, etc.) and bought the cheap $4 shirts in medium & large. They make such a variety of sizes, and it is TOTALLY possible to get by just doing this!

I never felt uncomfortable, or found it hard to move. But I did feel happy about all the money I saved!

Clothes that are classic for acting like maternity clothes, without actually looking like maternity clothes, is DRESSES & LEGGINGS.

Both of these items of clothing act as a comfortable, stretchy, alternative to your traditional pregnancy wardrobe. 

I wore maxi dresses, stretchy dresses, and leggings almost EVERY single day during my pregnancy. 


I know buying maternity clothes is part of all the excitement of finding out your pregnant, but try to hold off! Saving that extra money before the baby gets here, is really a life saver!

Hope this helps you on your pregnancy journey!



Baby Books to Read + Why story time is important!

I remember people thinking I was CRAZY for reading to my baby at night. It fit well with our nightly bed time routine (that I was so adamant about having) and she really enjoyed hearing my voice!

I saw an interesting little graphic while scrolling on Facebook the other day, and it really inspired me to expand on the topic! 

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

Don't have time to read to the end? Here's the breakdown :

  • Buy the right types of books (material wise)
  • Get free digital books here
  • Get free hard copy books here (use code "MMM100")
  • Your Baby Can Read is an awesome foundation for reading & grammar!
Baby books to read

Baby books to read

Don't let anybody make you feel crazy for reading to your baby!

Studies show that children who read 20 minutes a day (which equates to around 1,800,000 words) have a better vocabulary, and overall success rate in school. 

If they can't read.. read to them!!

Your babies LOVE hearing your voice, and they are simultaneously learning (even if it may not feel that way)

Practice makes perfect, and getting them acquainted with books and reading early on, is a wonderful idea!

Here are some of my favorite ways to do so :

1. Hard Cover Books

We found hard cover books to be the clear choice for reading to and with our baby. Let's face it - keeping things out of your babies mouths is IMPOSSIBLE. Not only is the HARD COVER important, but HARD PAGES are even more so important!

Babsy Books carries small (for small baby hands to play with) books, that also are hard cover AND hard pages. Use the code "MMM100" and receive $40 worth of books, just pay shipping!

2. Digital Books

The future is here, friends! EVERYTHING is becoming digital! While hard copy books are great, alternatives like digital are also amazing, You can access this digital library from ANY device ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. That's ummm… amazing (!!!), and totally the definition of technological advancement, if I've ever heard it! When you use this link, you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial, and cancel anytime! 

If you choose not cancel, the membership is super affordable! If your child has a tablet, phone, or anything along those lines, it is definitely worth buying the membership! Wouldn't you rather your child to be reading on that tablet, than be playing candy crush? I would!

3. Your Baby Can Read

We decided to purchase Your Baby Can Read, for a couple of different reasons. We met a little girl at a birthday part who was 20 months old, and could speak to us like she was at least a 4 year old. I had an entire conversation with her, and not just baby babble - it was structured, and grammatically amazing.

I couldn't believe it! I asked her parents their method, and they credited everything to Your Baby Can Read curriculum. We bought it as a Christmas Present for our baby shortly after. While this isn't a BOOK it does lay a nice foundation for your child, and beginning to read. It is a little pricey, but we LOVE it, and so does our baby! 


I hope this helps you along your parenting journey!



Parenting books + additional resources. Tips to ROCK this mom & dad life!

New to this parenting thing? Being a new mom or dad can be rough, but trust me… it gets better with time! I'm laying out all the tips & hacks to be the best parent you can be. 

I remember searching for parenting books postpartum, and coming up very scarce (which is why I wrote my own postpartum book). Times have changed, in the short year I've been a mom, and the geniuses over at Ultimate Bundles put together this AWESOME bundle that helps moms & dads all over the world get ahead of this parenting thing.

Don't believe me? Let's take a look inside!

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

Don't feel like reading the whole post?

You can buy your bundle here now! Full of 80+ tools & resources to be the best parent possible!

Parenting Books + additional resources.

Parenting Books + additional resources.

Let's pick through this with a fine comb, shall we?

This thing is jam packed with 

  • 35 ebooks
  • 23 printables
  • 10 courses
  • 9 workbooks
  • 2 audio files
  • 1 website membership

All of these products separately, price out to somewhere in the $1,300 range… YIKES!!! (doesn't it just hurt a little to see numbers with commas in it - haha)

Luckily for you, the guys & gals over at Ultimate Bundles really love their customers. They figure out a way every year to offer top of the line, most-wanted products, for an affordable price.

Like.. less than going out to dinner, affordable!

Here's a glance at what's included, for dramatic affect ;)

If you're not loving this yet, I'll give you a breakdown on some topics that are included in this bundle.

Topics include :

  • Activities & crafts
  • Charts & planners
  • Outdoors & travel
  • Special needs
  • Discipline
  • Education
  • Faith
  • Food
  • Homeschool
  • Parenthood
  • Special occasions 
  • Toddlers & preschoolers

If nothing this bundle is the best cheerleader. It really makes you feel like somebody is "in your corner" cheering you on, & telling you that you totally GOT THIS (because you soooo do)!

All of this for a one time, small fee, of $47.

Literally… $1300 worth of resources for $47. 

The price still makes me speechless. As somebody who writes about frugal living, I LOVE suggesting a product like this, because you really do get the most bang for your buck. 

I can almost guarantee you've spent more than this on something that isn't nearly as useful, so why not invest it into your children? 

Probably the best part, is that it's an instant download, which means you get access to all of these amazing goodies, RIGHT NOW! You don't have to wait weeks for a package in the mail. Isn't technology wild? 

I'd love to answer ANY & ALL questions you have regarding this bundle, so PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out to me! :)

Happy Parenting!



P.s - Did I mention that there's a "30 Day Happiness Guarantee"? Yep.. that's real! If you're unhappy for ANY reason They will give you a FULL refund! No risk involved with this purchase! :)


Postpartum Essentials - Stock up on these postpartum supplies for a healthy recovery!

If you just gave birth vaginally, congrats! You did it! While childbirth is an amazing thing, recovering, and healing after birth can be a little painful! The postpartum period starts the second you push that baby out, and  It's important that you are on your way to a healthy recovery! Recovering successfully postpartum ensures that you are the best mom that you can possibly be for your new little addition to the family! 


*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.* 

In a hurry, & don't want to read to the end? Here's the rundown : 

  • I've linked all the items I bought to have a successful postpartum recovery below 
  • Click here & use the code "MMM100" for a free milk band nursing bracelet/feeding tracker
  • Click here & use the code "MMM100" for free reusable breast pads
  • The Postpartum Party  gives you ALL the secrets to recovering postpartum

postpartum essentials for a healthy recovery

postpartum essentials for a healthy recovery

So let's get right to it, because I'm sure you're here to either prepare, or need this stuff NOW! (lucky for us, that Amazon Prime delivers within 48 hours, right?) If you don't have a prime account, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial (& you can even cancel it after you've gotten your postpartum goodies)!

Here's what you need on deck :

  • Disposable icepacks (to help soothe & heal inflammation)
  • Underpads (Chux) (to keep your bed sheets clean)
  • Underwear !!! (& not the pretty kind - you need these!)
  • Squirt bottle (a bathroom necessity for potty relief)
  • Pads (to soak up the blood and discharge)
  • Nursing Pads  (use the code "MMM100" for free ones!)
  • Witch hazel pads (a crucial piggy backer to the ahhhh pain relief mentioned above)
  • Nursing Bracelet (keeping track of feeding times can be hard when you're sleep deprived. Use the code "MMM100" for some free bracelets that track your latest feeding times!)


If you're like me, and want to be FULLY prepared and organized, you can check out the complete method on using these products in "The Postpartum Party"! Get all the secrets to a healthy recovery, straight from a mama who recovered from a 4th degree perineal tear (ouch) by 2 weeks postpartum! 


 Have questions? Drop them below in the comments! I respond super quick!  :-)

Happy healing, mama!



How to Save at Walt Disney World : Tips & Tricks to Budget Your Trip

Have you ever visited the happiest place on Earth? It's easily one of my favorite places to be! As annual pass holders, we have really figured out how to do Disney on a budget!

Implement these tips your next go around the castle, and save the money for the real fun stuff… like awesome Disney shirts, and a neat fanny pack to hold your collection of pins!


*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

how to save at Walt Disney world

1. No Driving or Park Parking

I know this seems almost impossible, but seriously. Take advantage of Disney transportation! I obviously suggest staying at a hotel that provides transportation to the parks, (there are very few that don't) and then keeping your car put at the hotel. BUT if you don't have that option OR are just making a day trip, there's definitely ways around this! Go to Disney Springs, where parking is FREE, and take a bus from there. While there aren't any "direct" buses from Disney Springs, there are buses to the Disney Resorts. We used to hop on a bus to the Port Orleans Resort, get off, and get right back on their bus to any of the various parks! It can be a pain, but totally worth saving  the $25 on a parking pass, PLUS gas while you're in town!


2. Bring Snacks!

and waters! Disney charges an arm and a leg for their food, just like all theme parks. There are some semi-affordable options within the park, but I ALWAYS suggest saving the money and planning ahead. We bring in popcorn, chips, sandwiches, water bottles, and pretty much anything you can think of food wise. We put our food in a compact cooler like this one. Don't forget to add an ice pack to keep everything fresh!

** The top open flap is super convenient to quickly & easily grab things out on the go! **


3. Prepare for Florida Weather

I was born & raised (and still currently reside) in Florida, so I know alllll too well about the random rain that quite literally comes out of nowhere. Even if it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS day it is NEVER a bad idea to prepare. Some items you should buy ahead of time include rain  ponchos (these are $10 each in the park) and portable fans. Sunscreen is also a great idea, the heat is no joke!


4. Buy Merchandise Ahead of Time

This one should be a no brainer. BUT.. here's what usually happens.

Me : "I don't need to waste money on a Disney shirt for my upcoming trip, I'll be fine in my normal boring clothes."

**Disney trip begins, enters park, immediately regrets decision**


Seriously.. it's the worst. If you a have cute gear ahead of time, you'll surely skip this entire process. I have this adorable "Whip It Real Good" shirt from Modern Mouse Design (it's a pun on Disney's amazing Dole Whip soft serve dessert). They also have these adorable fanny packs that you can collect your pins on (how creative)! 


5. Experiences, not things!

Remember that you're going to Disney for the experience! Not the things! Watching your family and friends enjoy themselves at the happiest place on Earth is an incredible thing. Don't take it for granted! Disney has a funny way of making everything they sell super appealing, so really try hard not to give in! Enjoy your time by creating magical memories with the ones you love! 



I hope this helps you pinch some pennies! 

Happy Disney Days!



5 ways to save at the grocery store, without clipping coupons

Remember what it was like to have a disposable income?

…. yeah, me either.

Nevertheless, shopping for a family is NOT easy, and let's be real, couponing is a lot of work. As moms, we don't exactly have a ton of extra time to get newspaper inserts, cut them all out, organize them, and then wait for the best time to use them.

No. we need to save money NOW!

grocery store hacks

1. Only buy BOGOs

BOGO stands for buy one, get one. Usually, I only utilize this to the extent of buy one, get one FREE. Most grocery stores have different buy one, get one free items every week. The key to being successful with this method,  is buying things when they are on sale, and stocking up on them, even if you don't need them!  ONLY for things you actually use on the regular, though! The object is, that one day you will in fact need those items, so buying them now, will help you later. BOGOs are a huge help with that! 


2. Digital Coupons

Digital coupons take away the hassle of cutting and a organizing coupons completely. Most stores are now participating in digital coupons, and it had made life so easy! As I'm at the grocery store, I open the app of whatever store I'm in, and see if any of their digital coupons coincide with their BOGO offers. Start with this!!! If you can use a digital coupon, on top of a BOGO item, you are now getting 2 of those items, for less than the price of one item. Digital coupons also help with extra savings on items that aren't on promotions that week, if they're available of course!

3. Off Brand Buying

Did you know most stores make their own version of popular products? Scratch that! They make their own version of almost all products! And guess what? They are significantly cheaper than the name brand item, and taste the exact same! You'll never taste the difference, but your wallet sure will feel the difference!


4. Plan

Planning is a HUGE part of my grocery adventures. Going to the store, and just strolling the aisles, is NOT how to do it. Go with a plan, write down everything you need, and ONLY get those items. I go as far as checking the local ads online, and seeing what items I need first and foremost are on sale, or have a coupon. Then I check to see if any of them are BOGO. Next to the items on my list I write down what kind of sale there is on them, so I don't get mixed up. Bonus points if you go even further and plan out your entire week of meals ahead, AND THEN plan your trip based off that. 


5. Don't give in to the deals

I know this sounds like the complete opposite of what I'm supposed to be talking about, but seriously! Sometimes they DO try to "get you" buy advertising sales that are not even sales! Shop around, see what all the items are priced at when they aren't "on sale". Also note that, most items that are advertised as "2 for $blank" or "4 for $blank" can be bought separately, and still count towards the sale. So instead of buying "2 for $5" you can buy one, and only spend $2.50. 


These tips vary for every grocery store. Make sure you check with your local store, on their policies!


Hope this helps you on your money saving, grocery store journey :)




Postpartum Recovery - Healing After Birth

I recovered from a 4th degree perineal tear, which is basically the worst in terms of tears. Which also means it is the longest and hardest recovery. If you did not have this degree of tearing, this advice can still be relevant to you, just in a lesser form! 

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

This is an excerpt from my eBook, "The Postpartum Party".

postpartum recovery

When you have a 4th degree tear, you basically tear all the way through your sphincter muscle, which pretty much leaves you with one large orifice. Depending on your delivery and your doctors method, you will most often end up with an extreme amount of stitches. Somewhere in the 40/50 range. This is a long recovery road, and very hard to get advice for because it does not happen to everybody. I know that personally, none of my friends had endured this extent. Some will compare their 3rd degree tears to yours, but let me tell you that there is a HUGE difference between the two. This is a 3 step process I used daily which basically healed me up within a 2 week period. Not bad for completely reconstructing my entire sphincter muscle and vaginal opening! (Sorry, too soon for the graphic-ness?)

You are basically going to be bed ridden for 2 weeks. Not as intense as if you had gotten a cesarean, but for the most part you need to “rest” as much as possible. I suggest getting everything you may need for the baby close to your bed and keep it there! If you’re like me, the mess and clutter may really bug you! But what’s important right now is healing as quickly as possible. If we do not heal physically, we cannot be there full force for our newborns and family! 

Some things you HAVE to have on deck :


Warm Showers + Vaginal Rinsing

Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds!

The next 2 steps are related and honestly the key to my relief and healing magic. If you’ve read my blog post on Self Care for the New Mom, you’ll see that I talk about how sometimes I take a hot and steamy shower, and I just sit there.

Yes. I literally sit in the shower. 

It is extremely relaxing and super relevant to your recovery! Get the shower hot (but not too hot) and sit down for a minute. Relax. Take advantage of this time without a baby in your arms. I know it kind of hurts to sit right now, but I promise once you get in a comfortable position, it’s so soothing. Now, this next task requires a removable shower head. Once you are over sitting there, or it is too painful at this point, stand up and shower like normal. When you have completely cleaned yourself per your usual routine, take the removable shower head off and aim it up towards your vagina. Make sure the shower head is not on some super jet power setting when doing this. You want a lower setting. You also do not want it to be burning hot, or ice cold. Find a nice happy medium temperature. It’s going to feel extremely uncomfortable the first couple of times, but it is seriously a huge key aspect in cleaning that area. Blood and residue you did not know or think was there, is there. And this will help it come out. Do this for about a minuteor two, nothing crazy. Once you are out of shower, be sure to be cautious when towel drying, as to not get one of your stitches caught.

postpartum recovery  healing after birth





You Will Love This!

"This was a perfect "after bedtime" read. The humor was great and it was a smooth read. My favorite section was taking care of yourself physically because I struggled with this most. I don't want to give away too much, but I will tell you how amazing this is!  I plan to re-read this with each kiddo. Filled with great reminders!"

- Haley @ The Unfiltered Momma




postpartum recovery + healing after birth
postpartum recovery + healing after birth

I wish I had a pregnant mom list to send it out to!

"It's a great book, and you should be proud of it. NO ONE has ever explained to me the whole condom ice cube thing, So it's really valuable that you explain that in the book! I think it's a really encouraging read for anyone who has suffered a bad tear!"

- Carly @ Mommy On Purpose



Happy recovery, mamas! 



Cheap Maternity Clothes - Dress your baby bump, without breaking the bank!

Once you start to show, finding cheap maternity clothes can be a huge pain! Not to mention EXPENSIVE! Finding inexpensive maternity clothes can be a lifesaver! But wouldn't it be awesome if you could have discount maternity clothes for like… 100% off? 


If you're on a tight budget, like I was, it is possible to get through your entire pregnancy without spending an arm and a leg!

*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

Cheap Maternity Clothes

Cheap Maternity Clothes

As if the financial stress of pregnancy isn't enough, and  knowing how much you need to save for the future blessing coming your way.. we have to top it all off with the constant belly growth that requires different clothing.. and quick! 

The secret to getting maternity clothes for free, is shopping for them in your own closet! If that doesn't work for you, buy NON maternity clothes, in a size up, for half the price (usually)!

Check out my favorite "belly bump on a budget" tips below! 

1. Dresses - all the dresses.

Seriously.. dresses are going to save your life. I don't care if you're not a dress person, you are now. I happened to have a decent amount of dresses, and I wore all sorts throughout my whole pregnancy! Maxi dresses, stretchy dresses, flow-y dresses, you name it. 

Another example of Cheap Maternity Clothes. This is a non-maternity maxi dress! :) 

Another example of Cheap Maternity Clothes. This is a non-maternity maxi dress! :) 

maternity clothes

2. Maternity Bands

These little genius inventions help you keep your normal clothes for as long as possible, by putting a band over the button part of your jeans/shorts/whatever. This is genuinely the best investment you can make for your pregnancy. 

**Psst.. you can get a FREE Belly Button Band,  just for my readers, by using the promo code : "MMM100" ! Hopefully this will take some of the stress out of finding maternity clothes for you! ❤️**

These are non-maternity shorts, I was able to wear for a WHILE with a maternity band! What's better than Cheap Maternity Clothes? Free ones! Check the link above! :)

These are non-maternity shorts, I was able to wear for a WHILE with a maternity band! What's better than Cheap Maternity Clothes? Free ones! Check the link above! :)

3. Stretchy V-necks & Tanks

Literally.. just buy a couple of sizes up y'all. It's genius. You don't have to technically buy special maternity shirts and etc. (although if you do, buy these - they're the most comfortable & fit just right!) The stretchy maternity clothes are awesome, but if you're on a tight budget, they're not necessarily a necessity (say that 5 times fast)! Hit your local Target or Walmart, and buy some plain-jane shirts for cheap, in a couple of sizes up!

This is a $5 shirt from Walmart that I'm wearing LITERALLY 7 days before delivery. Underneath that shirt, is also a $2 Walmart tank top! Cheap Maternity Clothes, for the win! :)

This is a $5 shirt from Walmart that I'm wearing LITERALLY 7 days before delivery. Underneath that shirt, is also a $2 Walmart tank top! Cheap Maternity Clothes, for the win! :)


4. Leggings

Don't listen to the terrible people who say leggings aren't pants. LEGGINGS ARE PANTS, OKAY. Especially when you're pregnant! Leggings give you the comfortable ability to stretch as you grow PLUS you can wear them under your bump, so they don't stretch out too much!


Nobody has the time to go broke right before bringing a baby into the world! Maternity clothes are cute, and sometimes an easier option. If you live frugally like I do, then these other options will get you through just fine!

Hope this helps you on your pregnancy journey! 



Still here?

That growing belly is definitely going to affect your sleep...

 Click here, and get 55%off a super comfy pregnancy pillow, using code : "MMM50

** P.S you get FREE shipping if you get the minky pillow! :) **


The most ESSENTIAL products for sleep training your infant! YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO MORE SLEEP, MAMA!

Think that whole "sleep" thing you hear about as a mom is just a myth?

I'm here with GREAT news….


You will, in fact, sleep again mama's! 

Sleep training your infant is tough. There's a whole 8 week period where you are running on tears and coffee. Here's the products you need to get you out of the "sleepless nights" rut. 

*just so you know, most of my posts contain affiliate links. this means that if you purchase a product through a link, I'll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. this helps keep my little blog running!*

essential products for sleep training your infant


I can't stress this one enough. You can buy the stuff on all of those "must have baby registry" lists you find on Pinterest, but seriously… 95% of those items aren't going to help you sleep at night. When you near the moment of mental breakdown at 3 am, you're probably gonna wanna have these products on hand.



Don't tell me your baby hates being swaddled. They don't. OBVIOUSLY no human being likes being forced into a blanket where they can't move.. at first! When they're that little they NEED to feel something similar to the womb. I understand you think this isn't a necessity.. but it is. So, if you want to sleep anytime soon, you need to get over it. Swaddling saves lives. {Sorry to be so upfront.. but it's important to understand, mamas!}


sleep training


Literally. This is a game changer. Like 100% if you only EVER buy your baby one single product… let it be this one. Swaddle your baby in a thin swaddle, like the one mentioned above, and then add this sac over the already swaddled baby. Double swaddling. Make sure your baby is dressed in thin clothing underneath all these swaddles, you DON'T want them to overheat. Double swaddling  gives babies that womb-like feeling that they soooooo need. It also helps resolve the startle-reflex (moro reflex) problem, of them waking themselves up. When they are all bundled up in these swaddles, they don't jump and wake themselves up (or feel themselves jump, at least)!



ESSENTIAL PRODUCT #3 : Simple Bassinet

Ensuring your baby has a safe place to sleep is a top priority. If you choose to co-sleep then that's your choice of course, and I'm not knocking you for that. But if you want your baby to sleep through the night, on their own, they need their own space. This starts from day one. I know you see all of those fancy rocking bassinets everywhere, BUT GUESS WHAT. YOUR BABY IS PROBABLY GOING TO HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING IN A CRIB AFTER USING ONE OF THOSE. Obviously, this isn't all cases, and some moms do just fine. For us, however.. we didn't want to even RISK the misery of no sleep, so we gave our babe her own space! Those kinds of bassinets give your baby negative sleep associations, and a false sense of "I'm always going to be rocked and bounced to bed." Not good. If you follow my double swaddle method, and place your baby in a safe and simple bassinet.. you're gonna be golden. And as an added bonus, transferring them to the crib is going to be a BREEZE.