How to shop for Christmas without spending actual money!

If you start planning for Christmas shopping on a budget NOW, you will save A LOT more money in the long run! Tips to pay for Black Friday shopping, without spending any actual money! Who doesn’t like free money?


*Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This is how I pay to keep my blog up and running.*

I try my best to spend the least amount of my own actual money every Christmas. It's so rough living off one income sometimes, and all throughout the year I'm trying to save in various ways! This year with a baby, its going to be the hardest - so I'm starting early! I can't promise these tips will pay for your ENTIRE Christmas, but it will definitely help! It scored my fiancé a $400 Apple Watch 2 last year!

1. Gift Card Offers At Target

So.. this one isn't TECHNICALLY a way of shopping without spending your real money because well, at one point, it was your actual money. But I'm adding it because I wish I would have thought of this sooner! It's basically a way of tricking yourself into saving, which is a perfect strategy for me. So usually, just the short version, I always take advantage of their gift card offers in their weekly ads. For instance : there is usually a deal on diapers. Buy 2 boxes of Pampers @ $24.29, and receive a free $10 gift card. Usually I'll combine a cartwheel offer, a target coupon, and a manufacturer coupon with said offer to save additional money. Since you can't use that gift card until the next purchase anyways, and these are items I already needed regardless of the offer, I take that giftcard and stash it in an envelope labeled "DON'T TOUCH UNTIL CHRISTMAS" (because I need constant reminders not to spend money).  If you do this enough, let's say 5 times a year, you can atleast save $50 in gift cards for FREE!


2. Ibotta

Ibotta can be hard for me to keep up with sometimes, because not too often do I find many of the things I buy on there for some reason? But I'm really trying to get better! Ibotta is an app that gives you cash back for various purchases. Joining Ibotta is free and very easy to use! If you sign up now, you can use my referral by clicking here and receive a $10 welcome gift.. THERE'S $10 ALREADY! After you're all signed up, you can browse various stores and their cash back offers. You scan the products, and then the receipt after you purchase said product, and Ibotta will gradually put that money in your account. Once you hit $20 you can cash out into PayPal which is great, because from PayPal you can instantly transfer the money into your checking account! If you keep up with this all year you should be able to cash out atleast once, if not, twice! That's $40, again for FREE!


3. Shopkick

This is my BIGGEST MONEYMAKER FOR CHRISTMAS and I can't believe that more people I know don't use this app! It is literally the easiest app to use!! Basically, you get "kicks" for walking in to stores and scanning products. "Kicks" can be redeemed for gift cards after reaching a certain amount. It is SO simple! You can sign up by clicking here! After you sign up, you can turn your location services on, go to your favorite stores, open the app, walk in the store, and get kicks! It's that easy! To maximize your kicks, you can scan products around the store. You can also buy certain products and scan your receipt for even MORE kicks! After you reach your goal, you turn them in for your gift card of choice. I usually do a target gift card, and I plan to just keep adding kicks until the end of the year when I'm ready to turn it in for my gift card. Last year I cashed out a couple of different times and got about $100! But that was before I decided to start saving all year! This year I'm already at $50 and there is no stopping in sight! I plan to have hopefully $200 by this Christmas! Again, all for FREE!




And there you have it! It might not pay for your entire Christmas, but I can't name one person that an extra $300 for FREE wouldn't help!




5 Tips for Boating With Babies + baby boating accessories

Summer is here y'all! And in Florida, we pack up our things and head to the boat ramp! Boating with your baby can be a very safe and fun activity in the summer, as long as you are well prepared and follow certain safety regulations, such as always having a life vest properly sized for your babe! If you're looking for a life vest for an infant under 30 pounds, Amazon (the place that has everything) has this one which is the most comfortable. We have a similar one, that was handed down to us but the size range is different, and we love it. I don't consider this a tip, however, I do consider it a NECESSITY!!


Just so you know I use affiliate links to keep my blog up and running. This means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I might make a profit, at no additional cost to you.


As a momma, this is basically the number one tip/rule in your life regardless of where you are going. Always be prepared! I can't stress this enough for the boat! You are basically in the middle of the water somewhere, and the last thing you want to do is have to go back to land every so often to get whatever it is that you forgot. 

When I'm packing my bag/diaper bag my essentials go as follows :

  • Diapers (duh! BRING EXTRA!!!)
  • Wipes (another obvious - never go anywhere without these!)
  • SUNSCREEN!! (an absolute necessity! Baby skin is so sensitive, this is a must!!)
  • Towels (my favorite are the hooded - but anything works!)
  • Extra onesies (I usually bring just plain white onesies, that I'm okay with getting salty and sweaty!)
  • Reusable swim diaper (oh my goodness- this ones the best!! So easy for a dip, especially since the smallest size disposable swim diaper is 16 pounds!)
  • Jelly shoes (since infants do not walk, this provides enough feet protection, with the ability to still get wet and cool when going for a dip in the water!)
  • Hat (keep that babe nice and shady!)
  • Fan (battery operated - but nice to give the babe cool relief in the heat!)
  • Bouncer seat (not to be used when the boat is in motion at all! We use it when we are either anchored out and not moving, or anchored up to an island and we bring it onto the island under our pop up tent!)
  • boating with a baby



    I love this bit of advice. Baby wearing is basically the best, for so many different reasons and this is one of the atypical reasons! When getting on, and off of the boat - wear. your. baby. It is so important that during this transition from the land to water and vice versa that they are almost literally glued to you! NEVER pass your baby from person A to person B to get onto the boat! For mom it is SO much more comforting knowing that are right on you and basically can't move without you. Accidents can happen in a split second, so always be extra cautious even with baby wearing them onto the boat. Make sure there is somebody on the boat guiding you down, and somebody on land behind you kind of hovering you! Safety is obviously key here, so you can never have too much help! Continue to wear your baby until you get from point A to point B! NEVER pass them around during the time that the boat is in movement. 

    boating with a baby


    If you're like us, and have grown up on a boat/the water you probably have never really thought about sitting in the "safest" spot because to us they are all safe! Which is true! But it's very important that you sit in a sturdy seat. Mostly for the comfort of the baby aspect, but it does also make you feel much safer and more secure! Usually, depending on the type of boat you are on, there is a seat, kind of like a captains chair, just not behind the steering wheel! Usually this seat gets splashed by water the least, and is a little higher up so you don't feel the boat hitting the waves as hard! If you sit in those lower seats, your little babe is going to be constantly bouncing up and down, and constantly shaken, which obviously is not good for their fragile bodies/heads!



    The Florida heat is no joke, and I'm sure wherever you are located 80+ degrees, is 80+ degrees! HOT HOT HOT! A risk factor of SIDS can be overheating, so it is so important that you keep your babe as cool as possible! Depending on the degree of the water, we will put a reusable swim diaper on her, and dip her in! Make sure you change them almost immediately after a dip in the water to protect against infections caused by sitting water, such as UTI's (yes - boys can get them too)! Most boats have some type of Bimini or covering that you can set your babe under in their seat. If the boat you are on only has a T-Top or nothing at all I highly suggest bringing an umbrella and figuring out how to bungee cord it to the center console somehow (Haven't had this problem yet, so just spit balling ideas here)! Shade is crucial in keeping them protected from the sun (as well as sunscreen)! and in turn keeping them cool! We also bring a handy dandy 02 Cool fan with us. It is battery operated, so it's great to face towards her when we feel like that she is getting too hot! ALWAYS supervise fan use, never let your child hold the fans themselves! Their little fingers are the perfect size to get caught in those slits and get hurt!



    I know, such an obvious one! But really y'all! Have a blast! I know sometimes being a parent in these situations is nerve-wracking, because again, accidents happen in a split second! But enjoy these moments with your babe while they are still little! They grow up so fast, and these memories are ones you don't want to miss! Take lots of pictures, as always! As long as you are being as safe as humanly possible, you should be just fine, and completely able to enjoy yourself!


    All of these tips are based off of boating with experienced boaters and passengers. If this is your first time on a boat, or your operators first time operating a boat, then leave that babe at home until you get comfortable and familiarized! 





    BRINGING BABY HOME - 5 Tips to survive the first weeks

    Ahhhh... motherhood. Being a new mom can honestly be like culture shock. Your whole pregnancy, everybody is obsessed with you and that belly, and then the second they arrive, it's "mom who?"

    Then you're husband and your family goes back to work, and there you are - just you and a tiny little baby - all alone.

    Ummmm. WHAT? I HAVE TO BE A MOM NOW? BUT I STILL NEED MY MOM! Although I cannot promise you will ever stop needing your mom (you won't - ever) I can promise that these 5, not so typical, tips will help get you on your feet!


    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    Don't feel like reading the whole post? Here's the breakdown :

    • Get Dressed, make your bed, get out of the house, don't overdo it, and just say no!

    • Get free breast pads by using my special code : "MMM100"

    • Get a free baby carrier sling by using my special code : "MMM100"

    bringing baby hone.png


    I know this sounds like kind of an obvious one - but hear me out. Getting dressed does not mean putting on that same nursing gown you've been wearing since you got to the hospital. No - I mean really get dressed. Put on CLEAN clothes. THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL.

    I can't explain it really, but being in that night gown all day everyday made me feel so unmotivated and honestly kind of sad (night gowns ARE amazing for bedtime, though! Just don't stay in them all day). I felt like this was it - this is my life now, I wear night gowns and feed my baby every two hours and that's all there is to it. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY

    **Getting dressed postpartum, is a lot different. It's crucial that you're using the right undergarments. Something to add to your postpartum wardrobe is breast pads (and the right ones at that!) Click the button below, to receive free breast pads, by using my special code "MMM100". I hope this helps your morning routine! :) **


    Okay, now you're probably thinking - "Why is this girl telling me to do things I do every single day already?" But really y'all! They are not exaggerating when they say "EVERYTHING CHANGES WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY!"  It. Is. True. I never really saw the point in making my bed pre-baby (Not exactly proud to admit that one).

    Making my bed is another crazy important part of my day now. Making my bed ensures that I do not get back in to my bed. This is something that can help you in the process of hopefully bypassing PPD! It can become SO depressing just laying in bed all day, everyday. 

    postpartum package banner long.jpg


    Of course there  is an appropriate time for this. Once you are semi-healed and cleared by your pediatrician for your little one to be safe & out of the house, do it!

    Not only do they enjoy that fresh air,  but so will you! Don't stress about getting everything done around the house, right now!

    ** An easy way to get out of the house, is to use a baby carrier, when toting your baby around! Baby carriers and slings can help you get keep your hands free while you are out and about, as well as keeping your baby cozy! Click the button below, to receive a free baby sling, by using my special code  "MMM100". I hope this helps you get out of the house, mama! :) **



    I don't just mean physicially! It is so much harder now to get in and out of the house. EVERYTHING is a process now! Making a couple of stops every time you left the house never used to be a big deal, but now it is! 

    Span out your activities.. Give yourself one big thing to do a day!

    To make this even easier, plan out your weeks by using a planner! Having things written in plain sight keeps you motivated and on track!

    Taking time for yourself is NOT overrated, and is DEFINITELY a necessity! You can read more about self-care here


    5. JUST SAY NO

    This was a HUGE  one for me y'all! When that baby comes you are going to be BOMABRDED with visitors.

    Thank God for my great postpartum nurse who could see it in my sleep deprived eyes and put a sign on our door saying "NO VISITORS" Because honestly I hadn't slept in two days straight and was going a little crazy! (How cute is this no visitors sign?) 

    Sometimes saying no can mean missing out on things you don't  want to say no to. But such is life!

     Routine routine routine cannot be stressed enough when it comes to babies, and if saying no to that dinner with your friends will keep your babies routine in line.. then it's totally worth it!  

    So dont be afraid  to tell visitors no. Tell your friends no. Tell your family no. Just don't tell your mama no! 😝


    I hope this really helps with whatever you're tackling as a new momma right now!  



     - Amanda

    Best Ways to get your Baby to Sleep

    I bet you’re here because you have been wondering how to get your newborn to sleep. Trust me, I was there, too! Getting my baby to sleep and STAY asleep has been one of the things I was most proud of as a new mom! While it’s not a specific science to get your baby to sleep, these are some of the best tips out there!

    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This is how I pay to keep my blog up and running.*

    best ways to get your baby to sleep-4.jpg

    Let’s get to the good stuff!

    Have you ever noticed how quiet (for the most part) nurseries are at the hospital? Maybe every nursery is different, but I’ve never seen a loud nursery before. This is because the nurses are setting us up for success… and we don’t even know it!

    … and WORSE, we don’t follow it once we get home.


    I know what you’re going to say - “my baby hates being swaddled”.

    Said every single new mom that ever existed.

    But one night, when you are desperate for a few hours of consecutive sleep.. you should give in, and give it a try.

    We use regular old receiving blankets/ muslin blankets, like the ones below, initially. Then we add in a little something extra..

    Now here’s the real juicy advice…


    I know, sounds like overkill.. but it’s not! Babies prefer to sleep in something that mimics the womb. This is why they love sleeping in our arms, cuddled up. They want to feel like they are in the womb. If you swaddle your baby, and then add a swaddle sleep sac on top of the initial swaddle.

    1. They will not be able to break out (they will 100% break out of a single swaddle).


    2. They will feel snug like a bug in a rug - aka, mimicking the womb!

    This is very similar , if not the exact same, to the swaddle sac we used. It worked perfectly because we could just take our already swaddled baby, and slide her into this one and velcro it closed, instead of doing another swaddle by hand.

    Another benefit of swaddling is help with a little something called the “Moro reflex.”


    This is the reflex in babies that causes them startle/jump, and often wake themselves up.

    If you’ve ever spent a sufficient amount of time rocking a baby sleep, only to put them down, and wake themselves up…. then you’ll understand the importance of help with this one.

    Double swaddling makes the moro reflex less noticeable to them, because they cannot jump as much.

    Therefore, they can usually sleep though it, as long as they are swaddled.

    No worries though, this reflex usually goes away at around the 5 month milestone.

    Another important steps in getting your newborn to sleep is their environment.


    I know that every single instagram influencer and blogger out there wants you to buy that Rock n Play, but don’t do it.

    It gives your child the idea that they will be rocked to bed forever. I know it may seem easier right now, but you HAVE to think about your sleep long term, too.

    Save yourself the trouble - teach them now they have to sleep “independently”.

    This bassinet below was the one we chose. It was one of the most affordable, as well a super easy to put together AND portable.

    The most important advice for getting your baby to sleep, is this…


    Babies can tell when we are flustered or upset, and I promise it will definitely not making this process any easier.

    Hope this helps!

    Tell me your best sleep training tips in the comments!



    The BEST Baby Acne Treatment for Newborns

    What’s the treatment for baby acne? Here’s a quick synopsis:

    1. Use Mustela gentle cleansing wash

    2. Apply once per day after bath time

    3. Rub it on your babies dry cheeks/face until it creates suds

    4. . Wipe off with clean dry cloth

    I go more in depth below.. Keep reading :)

    the best baby acne treatment for newborns

    To read more on our struggle with treating baby acne!

    This stuff is honestly like GOLD!

    I applied it once a day after bath time for two days.. LITERALLY TWO APPLICATIONS. And her acne was gone!

    Like I said, after bath time.. I would take a little bit on my finger, rub it on her dry cheeks until it created suds - similar to suds that would be made by soap. Then I wiped it clean with a dry cloth.

    Honestly not even sure of the legit instructions because the sample size didn't have any, but what I did worked! I was over the moon!

    Seriously guys, this stuff works for everything! We use it for so many different types of skin irritations, etc. 

    Hopefully this helps treat your babies acne, it sure helped treat my infant!


    postpartum package banner long.jpg

    10 things you NEED for Healing After Birth - Postpartum recovery

    Your postpartum recovery & healing after vaginal birth process can be a little challenging!

    Healing after child birth is something we want to be QUICK and PAINLESS!

    Here are 10 things you NEED to successfully heal after birth during your postpartum recovery period.

    You can access the FULL list of Postpartum Recovery Necessities for Healing After Birth RIGHT HERE


    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    1. Disposable icepacks

      Ice, ice baby! (pun intended) Having this on hand during postpartum recovery is CRUCIAL! Ice constricts blood vessels, and in turn slows down inflammation. I go in depth on ice condoms and how helpful they can be in my Postpartum Ebook.

    2. Underpads (Chux)

      While you’re healing after birth, there may be a little bit {or a lot} of blood… yikes! Using underpads when sleeping, or resting, in bed will save your sheets a lot of distress :) Underpads/chux catch and absorb blood before they can reach whatever surface your sitting/laying on!

    3. Underwear !!!

      You need postpartum recovery underwear - NOT the pretty Victoria Secret kinds!!!! These are also referred to as knit underwear. They provide effective leak protection against - you guessed it - blood and discharge.

    4. Squirt bottle

      Squirt bottles help your healing process after birth by giving you easy cleaning of a sensitive and hard to reach area. You do NOT want to be scrubbing down there after delivery. Use with LUKE WARM (not hot, not cold) water, for the most comfortable rinse.

    5. Pads

      Combining the pads+ underwear protect your clothes and sheets from bodily fluids that are inevitable during postpartum recovery. You’ll be happy to have the extra absorbing power after birth. ALSO use these in the middle stage - where you are done with mesh underwear, but not quite ready to go bare in your normal underwear.

    6. Numbing spray

      A LIFE SAVER. I’ve only ever seen this product on amazon, and it is WORTH the 2 day prime wait (but buy it before hand, to be safe). When you’re healing after birth, you want ALL the numbing power. Especially if you have torn, or had any stitches. You will probably definitely have at least one suture, and if you don’t then you’re a super woman and I want to know your birthing tricks!

    7. Witch hazel pads

      Works sort of like numbing spray, but combined WITH numbing spray and it’s a postpartum recovery GOLD MINE. Spray the numbing spray on yourself, put a witch hazel pad on your pad or mesh underwear, and relax. It really is like an AHHHHH moment. The witch hazel pads are cold which is also really soothing.

    8. Lanolin

      Aka nipple cream/butter. Doesn’t matter if you’re breast feeding or not. You will be leaking. I’ve tried them all, and this is the best one i’ve come to find yet. And it just so happens it’s the cheapest.

    9. Breast Pads

      Again, doesn't matter if you’re breast feeding or not. Your breasts are going to leak. You can get free REUSABLE pads by going to and using code MMM100 (you do have to pay shipping, but that price varies on your location) OR you can buy good ole disposable ones.

    10. Rest

      This one is free, but hard to come by! You just birthed a human. You NEED rest. Focus on yourself, reach out to your friends family and significant other for HELP. Don’t feel the need to be superwoman and do everything alone. You already ARE superwoman for bringing a human into the world - don't forget that!

    You can access the FULL list of Postpartum Recovery Necessities for Healing After Birth RIGHT HERE

    I’m sending all my healing after birth good vibes to you! I hope this postpartum recovery period is smooth and easy, and I hope I was able to be apart of that process :)

    If you want a more in depth directional on all things healing after birth & postpartum recovery, you can get my Postpartum ebook for 25% off by clicking the button below.

    HOW TO GET RID OF DIAPER RASH - Remedy for severe rashes

    Diaper rash stinks, but is easily treated! It makes sensitive baby bottoms red, and uncomfortable! This is the one diaper rash treatment I found, that works the quickest and BEST! It is applied to their skin as a topical treatment, and cures their diaper rash almost instantly!

    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    Don't feel like reading the entire post? Get the best diaper rash treatment here.

    Baby acne treatment

    Baby acne treatment

    My poor babe honestly got awful diaper sooo often! They said it would go away I we used this, or that, but it definitely did not!

    As a new mom, you are worried about EVERYTHING! I questioned if it was an allergic reaction to something.. the soap wasn't sensitive enough... maybe I need to switch to cloth diapers.... I THOUGHT OF IT ALL!

    I drove myself crazy until I found a solution.

    At first, I read that things like Desitin or A&D cream would help. So everyday, multiple times a day, I would rub these creams on her little bottom, in hopes that it would solve the issue!

    Let me go ahead and say that diaper rash obviously is not anything too be too concerned over and it WILL eventually go away, but it just wasn't pleasant for ANY of us involved!

    Of course, you should ALWAYS consult your pediatrician If a rash lasts for an extended period of time!

    These creams just weren't working for us, so I decided to dig a little deeper. When I was younger my mom SWORE by a specific cream from Germany. As a new mom, terrified to put any product on my baby, I was skeptical to try it.

    This stuff is honestly like GOLD!

    I applied it every single diaper change for maybe one day.. AFTER LITERALLY ONE APPLICATION HER RASH HAD DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED and was almost gone!

    Apply this cream EXACTLY how you would apply any cream! (*hint you can use this diaper cream brush to keep your hands clean)

    Honestly not even sure of the legit instructions because the container is 100%. written in German, but what I did worked! I was over the moon!

    Seriously guys, this stuff works!

    Now my babies bottom is soft, and diaper rash free! Per usual, ALWAYS consult your pediatrician BEFORE trying any new products on your babes! 






    Disney World With Toddlers - Tips on bringing young children to the parks!

    Now, more than EVER, is the best time to take your toddler to Walt Disney World!

    Below are some tips on taking young children to the happiest place on Earth - Walt Disney World!

    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    Clothes below provided by -
    Teagan’s Closet Customs
    Skirted Bummies:

    Disney World With Toddlers-2.jpg

    If you have an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World planned, {or are looking for a reason to plan one} you’re in the right place!

    #NowMoreThanEver is the BEST time to take your kids to Walt Disney World!

    Listed below is our personal favorite kid friendly park attractions.

    1. Disney Junior Dance Party @ Hollywood Studios

      Disney Junior Dance Party at Hollywood studios is at the top of our list, for more reasons than one. The first being, their epic revival of this toddler dance party! The dance party is aimed to amuse toddlers ranging from ages 2-5, and couldn’t be more fun. Enjoy interactive entertainment where your toddlers will truly be on their feet, moving, shaking, and dancing the day away.

      { H I G H L I G H T } - You may get even get chosen to help call on your favorite characters!

      One of the best things about this activity, is that you don’t have to trap your toddler on your lap waiting for the show to start. You sit on the floor, where there’s plenty of wiggle room for your little ones. Bubbles, leaves, and snow fall from the sky while you party with Doc McStuffins, Timon, Mickey and our personal favorite, Vampirina!

      Complimentary tickets provided by Walt Disney World #Hosted

    2. The Seas with Nemo & Friends @ Epcot

      If there’s one thing toddlers love, it’s animals! Fish, in this case, to be exact! Little ones love being able to get up close and personal to the fish in this walk through aquarium. Families can enjoy an engaging dolphin intelligence experience, a manatee meeting, and take a quick ride through the aquarium searching for Nemo.

      { F U N F A C T} - Did you know the entire Spaceship Earth could fit inside the aquarium?

      As a personal plus, this mom loves being able to let my toddler have a break from the stroller, while also enjoying the air conditioning. The aquarium is the perfect place to get away from the sun {or rain} while allowing your toddler some controlled freedom.

    3. Festival of the Lion King @ Animal Kingdom

      If you’re interested in a wildly talented group of people & animals performing together, look no further. This show is one of the best. While it’s not extremely interactive, our toddler loves watching the performers and listening to the music.

      { H I G H L I G H T } - Every section gets to make their own animal noise throughout the show!

      The music is truly amazing, and mimics a broadway-worthy performance, to say the least. As always, the Walt Disney World Performers are absolutely amazing!

    4. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy @ Hollywood Studios

      As if Hollywood Studios wasn't already at the top of our list for so many reason {Toy Story Land, Disney Junior Dance Party, and the anticipation of Star Wars, to name a few} this new attraction can just be considered icing on the cake! Join Lightning McQueen for an interactive academy where he aids you in virtual driving lessons. You and your little will be champion racers in no time!

      { H I G H L I G H T } The outdoor dance party and interactive character meet & greets will keep your little ones busy before entering the academy!

      This ride is also located right next to Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which means fun is nearby for all ages!

      Complimentary tickets provided by Walt Disney World #Hosted

    Dance parties, wild festivals, dolphin chats, and virtual driving - what more could you ask for?

    Now more than ever is TRULY the best time to bring your children and toddlers to Walt Disney World!

    …. and it just keeps getting better!

    What is YOUR favorite toddler attraction, or perk that is available in the parks? Tell me in the comments, so I can check it out at our next visit!

    Looking for more Disney for kids resources? Check out this guide to baby/toddler friendly rides, and Disney necessities for a day at the parks!

    Severe Diaper Rash Treatment (from a mom whose tried it all!)

    A stubborn diaper rash on your poor babes bottom is just awful! What's even worse is when it.. will…not... go... away!!


    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    severe diaper rash treatment

    I tried all of the normal diaper rash creams, and none of them worked this go around for us. Normal creams like Desitin work wonderfully for mild rashes, but this was no mild rash!

    We went to the extent of ordering a cream from Germany that my grandmother use to swear by! It is a WONDERUL cream, and works VERY well.. but this rash was not your typical rash, therefore it did not fully heal our girl up. 

    **Remember to always consult your pediatrician if a rash persists more than a few days**

    She began to get itchy and uncomfortable and we all just about had enough! 

    The key to a mild diaper rash treatment is a high zinc oxide percentage. The key to a stubborn rash that gets raw, and itchy, and extra red is an anti fungal cream!

    Yep! Sometimes these rashes can become a fungus, and at that point normal diaper rash cream is just a waste!

    An over the counter anti fungal cream like clotrimazole worked wonders for us! 

    We applied a small amount directly to the skin on her bottom, and added Desitin (max strength has the highest zinc oxide, aka purple bottle) on top the anti fungal cream, and taa-daa!

    Rash gone :)

    I SO hope this helps you, like it did for us!

    With warm mama hugs,



    How to Not Wear Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

    You're pregnant, and starting to show. Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "how can I avoid buying maternity clothes, OR find maternity clothes that don't LOOK like maternity clothes"?

    I have a solution to your maternity style & pregnancy outfit struggles! And the best part? It's inexpensive, and means that you don't have to buy maternity clothes! *Queue, happy dance*

    *Just so you know, my posts usually contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by pressing a link, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you.*

    How to not wear maternity clothes while pregnant

    How to not wear maternity clothes while pregnant

    Being pregnant is financially stressful enough! When I was pregnant, I was on a mission to avoid buying maternity clothes - and it was MISSION : ACCOMPLISHED!

    If you're interested in inexpensive maternity clothes, here's a start. Use the code "MMM100" to get a free maternity band. This is how you wear regular pants during pregnancy, for as long as possible!

    The band goes over pants button area, and turns virtually any pair of pants or shorts, etc. into pregnant friendly fashion. Talk about DIY maternity clothes!

    Another way to not wear maternity clothes, is buy regular shirts and tank tops a size or two up! Your bump grows so quickly, and you can even grow out of multiple size maternity clothes!

    I went to my local supermarket/discount store (Target, Walmart, etc.) and bought the cheap $4 shirts in medium & large. They make such a variety of sizes, and it is TOTALLY possible to get by just doing this!

    I never felt uncomfortable, or found it hard to move. But I did feel happy about all the money I saved!

    Clothes that are classic for acting like maternity clothes, without actually looking like maternity clothes, is DRESSES & LEGGINGS.

    Both of these items of clothing act as a comfortable, stretchy, alternative to your traditional pregnancy wardrobe. 

    I wore maxi dresses, stretchy dresses, and leggings almost EVERY single day during my pregnancy. 


    I know buying maternity clothes is part of all the excitement of finding out your pregnant, but try to hold off! Saving that extra money before the baby gets here, is really a life saver!

    Hope this helps you on your pregnancy journey!