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Mim•o•sa (noun): a drink that makes mom life a little easier.

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I wrote an e-book! Say whaaaaaaaaat!? Yes, it's true! The Postpartum Party: A Postpartum Survival Guide is now available for purchase on Amazon! 

Having a baby is one of the most joyful, stressful, insane times of your life. Nobody can prepare you for all of the different emotions you can feel postpartum - but I'm going to try! When researching the internet for postpartum resources I came up very scarce. In turn, and through experience, I decided to create this book in an effort to help mothers recover postpartum. This book covers all things ranging from 4th degree perineal tears, to nurturing your relationship with your significant other. The contents of this book can be perceived as semi-graphic to some, but portray the reality of recovering postpartum.



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